In need of shoes



I’ve never been much of a shoe-buyer, having wide feet I’d find something that fitted and wear them until they fell apart, repeat.  I do love these flats but they are in such bad shape, they need to go.  You can’t tell from the second photo but they are rather holey.  This approach to footwear is reflected in my full shoe rack – 95% unworn because I bought in desperation, 5% falling apart.  I’m not sure what summer footwear I want yet but I need some, and soon.  We’re due to hit 18c today, and 21c later in the week… but then Saturday coming is 8c just to keep me on my toes.  Or thermal boots.

The cropped trousers are “cool vista floral” from Lands’ End.  I like them, they have a nice stretch to them and feel very good quality.  I see on the website there are a few other colourways that they didn’t have in store when I bought them, might pick up another pair next time they have a sale.

Sweater:  Banana Republic, jewel cashmere mix, old

Trousers:  Lands’ End, Women’s Regular Fit 2 Pattern Chino Crop Pants

Shoes: Target, Mossimo, old.  And holey.  But I love them 😉


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