British Tweed Mini

I bought this British Tweed Mini as a potential replacement for last year’s mini Tweed kilt which  feels too short now.  I ought to have spent longer reading the garment measurements as this new one is just as short!  I bought a size up thinking that since it was a straight shaped skirt, I’d need more room in the […]

Target Merona Favorite Lawn Shirt

I picked up a few things last week at Target in Canada.  Yes, Target has now come to Canada, a nation rejoices!  From an unscientific few prices that I know off by heart I’d reckon that the Target own-brand item prices here compare reasonably with US prices, but that branded goods are subject to the […]

Still got the whitest legs…

I’m still dazzling everyone with my dough-white legs, hehe, perhaps they’ll go red soon – I don’t tan, just white to red. I bought this dress in Old Navy in January for my holiday, don’t think I actually wore it. It’s a bit bleh and elasticated around the middle which I generally like but this […]

Lands’ End chino crop trousers

I’m not sure about these Lands’ End chino crops – I can’t decide if they’re young and trendy, or ancient and golf-coursey – either way I suspect I’m 20yrs too old or too young!  My OH said they were like camouflage trousers for hippies, ho ho.  They are the same as the blue patterned ones […]

Slippy sloppy shoes

I picked up these espadrille wedges in Target last night and like them until I tried to walk in them today.  They are humungous and fall off my heel non-stop, can’t take even one step.  Reading the reviews for the colour I chose, they all say the same.  Ugh, browse reviews before you buy, Iolanthe! […]