Warmspun Waffle by J Crew Factory, Boden Retro Necklace


I don’t usually get the chance to shop at J Crew Factory, but during a recent outlet mall “school-shop-stop” I snuck in a peek and picked up a couple of things.  I have bought too many bright pink clothes recently but this Warmspun Waffle sweater was a good price and very soft.  I must admit I still haven’t figured out pricing in these outlet shops.  I guess the psychology is you think you’re getting even better a deal when the ticket price magically reduces at the checkout but it just annoys me – I may have chosen other things if I’d known their real price.  Anyway, I think I paid $30 or $40 for this, which seems ok since it’s a wool mix.

The necklace is Boden’s Retro Necklace, a nice solid piece that comes in the blue I have, and pink, green or grey.  My one complaint is that when you have it on anything but the shortest length (as I do in the closeup), the sheer weight of it will cause the top baubles on either side to flip inwards hiding the colour, and it looks odd.  If you look at the model shot you can see that this is happening to her too.

My skirt was an old pair of Gap 1969 bootcut jeans, I ripped the seams and turned it into a skirt.  Don’t look too closely at the stitching, it was a learning experience and I made more than a few mistakes.  These didn’t fit brilliantly when they were jeans, low rise and big on the waist, and that is heightened a bit now it’s a skirt and higher up on my waist… but I will chose another old pair soon and see if my second skirt can be an improvement!

Sweater:  J Crew Factory, Warmspun Waffle

Necklace:  Boden Retro Necklace, AK224

Skirt:  Old Gap jeans, chopped and sewed by yours truly!

Tights:  Boden, old

Boots:  indigo by Clarks Women’s Heath Harrier Ankle Boot


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