Jam coverup


I hadn’t intended to wear this jacket today but my charmer put her jammy hands on my boobs and a quick coverup was needed.  It’s my own fault, she loves to “help” in the kitchen and I had the bright idea of giving her some bread, butter and jam to make her own.  It was too much of a good idea and I think she’s made and eaten about 5 since last night!

In other bright ideas, I decided to cut the fringe off my Target Kinley boots.  Not sure why it hasn’t occurred to me before, I’ve never liked it.  They’re not real suede so cutting as close as I could to the seam left a lighter fabric which I coloured in with a thick black sharpie – pretty pleased with that.

Jacket:  Lands’ End Canvas, Women’s Pique Jacket

Top:  Boden Twist Front Top, sold out

Scarf:  Boden, sold out

Jeans:  Levis 512

Boots:  Target, Mossimo Kinley

Jam:  Freya 😉


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