Must Have Tunic

ImageUsually I order anything tight or very fitted in a size larger from Boden and that works well.  I did that again with this Must Have Tunic but there was still so much pulling across the bust, I sent it back and ordered two sizes up.  I don’t think that was a smart move, I should just have accepted that it wasn’t to be… but I loved the bird print so much I couldn’t resist.    Apart from being too big I like this, it has 3/4 sleeves, is a nice heavy viscose, and it hangs well.  Perhaps it’s a little too short to be wearing with tights as I am, but I couldn’t find leggings to match.  

Have you got things you ought not to have kept but loved anyway, or is it just me?!  

Tunic:  Boden, Must Have Tunic, WL722

Tights:  Old Navy, old

Boots:  Old Navy, old



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