PJ Day

ImageImageNot exactly what I’m wearing today, but how I started the day anyway!  I do love Boden’s Favourite Pull Ons, or “Pajama Bottoms” as they’re calling them this year.  I have a couple of pairs from last year, the Westminster print and a check pair, and these bird ones from this season and I just love them all.  They are a good fit, loose but warm brushed cotton, and the prints are always gorgeous.  I appreciate the deep pockets and extra touches like the velvet drawstring and the contrasting waistband linings – you get a surprise inside the waistband with a snippet of one of the other prints in the range!   This year I’ve gone for the cute robin print.  I miss the British robin, the ones here are too big and ugly, and not at all Christmassy, lol, sorry!  I’m a little sad that I’ve cracked these out so early but brr, it’s been pretty chilly, and there was even a frost this morning.

ImageNew to me this year is the Boden Velvet Slipper.  I hate slippers.  I didn’t like them as a child, hated the sensation and also the silly cartoon head ones that were so popular, or the old-lady ones that were the only alternative.  I went to a Scottish boarding school that used to fine us and punish us if we didn’t wear our slippers in the boarding house, so that just added to my hatred of them!  But this year we are trying to save on heating bills, save time steam cleaning the floors and since everyone over here takes their outdoor shoes off when they go inside (I have witnessed 2 delivery men carry a ginormous side-by-side fridge into the house whilst simultaneously removing their shoes, amazing!), I thought I should give slippers another go.

I wasn’t sure about sizing in the Boden Velvet Slipper, I think I’ve got the right one but they are a little big at the heel.  It doesn’t really matter with the elastic but I’d say they’re generous so perhaps size down.  Conversely, I also bought my little girl some Mini Boden match-Mummy ones, and hers are a little on the neat side, could have done with sizing up for her 😀

ImageBoth Mini and adult ones are warm and fluffy, not really structured so they easily fit a wider foot like mine, with the elastic at the back as mentioned.  The fluff is very plush and warming, so far after a few weeks wear it hasn’t flattened down either.  The sole is real leather (suede-y leather like the sole of ballet shoes) which is wonderful for non-slip on wooden floors like these – another reason I haven’t had slippers for the little one before, preferring her to go barefoot.

Have you tried any good loungewear/nightwear?  I am quite enjoying wearing these and keeping warm.  It’ll soon be time to crack out the velvet-trim hoody too and then I won’t want to get dressed at all 😀


Hellooo… anyone still here?



It’s been 5 months since I last posted.  If I have popped up in your Feedly or whatever, you are well within your rights to have forgotten me and be asking yourself “Who?”.   Sorry!  Various reasons for the hiatus, a general hot sweaty no air-conditioning summer leading to nothing other than tank tops and shorts being worn would probably be my main one.  For now I’m excited to crack out the boots and tights and boost Boden’s coffers with my love for all their things warm and wintery!

Today’s outfit is the Boden Easy Scoop Tunic Dress, WH575 – some colours on better sale than others.  I ordered this in my usual 10 and although it looked like a good fit, it was neat around the ribcage where the skirt joins and I knew that chasing a toddler would end in a split seam, so I exchanged for a 12.  I was also surprised at just how short the tunic was, so I went for the “Long” in my exchange as well.

When it arrived I was a bit disappointed – clearly in this dress I am a non-existent  size 11, haha – as the 12 was big and baggy and not flattering at all.  My charming other half said I looked “a little bit pregnant and a little bit Mennonite” – not what I was aiming for!   I wore it a few weeks ago and did not feel good, too big.  I washed it as per the instructions and was surprised at how “snowy” the fabric had become, and when I tried it again today it’s clearly shrunk quite a lot.  For once I am not annoyed, it is a very good fit now… apart from some puckering around the side zipper.  Can you believe this is a *long* though?!  Usually they fall below my knee…


Dress:  Boden Easy Scoop Tunic Dress, WH575

Cardigan:  Boden Waterfall cardigan, WK715, old

Target Merona Favorite Lawn Shirt

ImageImageI picked up a few things last week at Target in Canada.  Yes, Target has now come to Canada, a nation rejoices!  From an unscientific few prices that I know off by heart I’d reckon that the Target own-brand item prices here compare reasonably with US prices, but that branded goods are subject to the good ole’ double-it-and-add-some Canadian pricing formula.  I won’t make a habit of shopping there but it’s nice to know I could 😉

I liked this “Favorite Lawn Shirt” in yellow, I see there are other options I would have preferred on the website  but didn’t see these in store.  It’s nice and airy but very thin, definitely needs a cami underneath which isn’t so practical when it heats up.   Speaking of which, we’ve gone from high 80s down to 40s today, ugh, so this works for now.

I am still enjoying the Jawbone UP. I got a better night’s sleep last night it tells me and I certainly agree and can feel the benefit today, got up early (unheard of for me!) and did a whole list of things that I’d neglected in days.  My “active time” and “active calories burned” has really shocked me – yesterday I burned only 160cal from moving around, how pathetic!  No wonder I’ve been piling on the weight.  I did spend almost all day sewing as it was so miserable and wet outside but still, I need to move a bit more.  A lot more.  But not in these terrible shoes huh?!

Shirt:  Target Merona Favourite Lawn Shirt

Shoes:  Target Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas, do not buy these, unwearable – my review

Jeans:  Reitmans comfort, old

Cami:  Boden, Jersey Cami WL633

Lands End Pippa Suede Braided Espadrille

ImageImageImageMy photos aren’t the best and my feet certainly aren’t the prettiest but I love these Lands’ End Pippa Suede Braided sandals – comfortable from the first step, a good price (with either 30% or 40%, I forget which) and the make my very wide feet look less so.  I am wondering about picking up another colour in these next time a discount code lands in my inbox.  My skirt and top are both positively ancient, not worth mentioning.

I did make another purchase at the weekend – the Jawbone UP wristband you can see in the photos.  So far I like it.  It’s a weirdly-named activity, food and sleep tracker that you wear on your wrist 24/7.  It also has a few nice extras like a vibrate reminder if you haven’t moved in a little while (goodbye Facebook browsing sessions!), and a gentle alarm when you enter light sleep mode close to your desired wake-time.  I nearly bought a Nike Fuel Band, those are certainly a lot prettier to look at and less cumbersome to sync, but they have no other features other than pedometer and I need more of a gimmick to motivate my lazy butt.  I was pleased to find out the food tracking side of the iOS UP app is based on Massive Health’s “Eatery” app, I lost 20lbs without even trying using the Eatery last year until it became too slow and buggy and I gave up.  So I am hopeful – a bit of rubbery bling, gimmickry and peer pressure will yield some good results where my willpower has totally failed!



Some screenshots from the corresponding iOS app today, not exactly hit my stride yet but it shows what the app will detail.  Yes, I did wake up that often, toddler invader!Image  ImageImage


Top:  Reitmans, old

Skirt:  Reitmans, old

Sandals:  Lands’ End Pippa Suede Braided Espadrilles

Still got the whitest legs…

ImageImageI’m still dazzling everyone with my dough-white legs, hehe, perhaps they’ll go red soon – I don’t tan, just white to red. I bought this dress in Old Navy in January for my holiday, don’t think I actually wore it. It’s a bit bleh and elasticated around the middle which I generally like but this one has a glut of material, too much for even my bust, and it just looks odd. I’m trying it with this yellow belt, been doing navy and yellow too much recently, I need a new combo but don’t have the belts!

Chicago again this weekend, hopefully my Lands End maxi dress will be waiting for me. I also ordered a swimsuit from their DDD range on 30% off as there’s no way I can wear the bikinis I wore last year. I was probably pushing my luck with them back then. It’s not the most exciting swimsuit but nothing really is when your bust is that size. Hopefully it will work for me and I can get in the pool. The kids have been in a few times already but I haven’t dared. We had a frost on Sunday/Monday, that water simply cannot be warm!


Happy Victoria Day weekend all, and happy birthday to my boy who’s turning 10. Yikes!

Dress: Old Navy crepe dress, no longer online, last worn in red hearts here

Shoes: Target Merona Melinda Wedge

Belt: Boden Skinny Belt, pineapple

Lands’ End chino crop trousers

ImageI’m not sure about these Lands’ End chino crops – I can’t decide if they’re young and trendy, or ancient and golf-coursey – either way I suspect I’m 20yrs too old or too young!  My OH said they were like camouflage trousers for hippies, ho ho.  They are the same as the blue patterned ones I wore here, albeit a size up.  Oops.  Need to get back on the no-junk regime…

Having said I’d wait to go back next month for the other Lands’ End bits and pieces I wanted, I had absolutely no willpower and had a peek at the website yesterday.  The lovely french terry Canvas maxi dress I didn’t buy in-store because it was an outrageous $84, was down to only $29 online, so I grabbed it.  I used a “40% off 1 item” code, and then cashed in some points to pick up the drapey vest top I fancied for free in effect.  Yay.  Now definitely no more shopping until I fit my usual size again.


Trousers:  Lands’ End cropped chinos, clearance

Blazer:  Boden Tipped Blazer WE326, clearance

Sweatshirt:  Reitmans

Shoes:  Naturalizer Nehara

Necklace: Target, old

Brrr, boots and scarf


ImageThe mercury has taken a nosedive this weekend.  I was hoping to wear my new Lands’ End sandals today but instead I’m in boots and a scarf.  There was a light frost this morning.  We had covered the tomatoes and peppers so hopefully no damage.   It was pretty chilly in Chicago and with quite a wind of course.  Happily I had ordered an autumn Breton from Boden USA’s eBay store intending to put it away for the summer and that was waiting for me, so I was toasty warm in that.

I ordered this Lightweight Scarf in hibiscus multi from Boden ages ago but it was on a long backorder (5weeks wait again now) and by the time I got it, it wasn’t really scarf weather any more, not even for a light one like this.  I can’t say I’m pleased it’s cold enough but it cheers me up a bit!

I swithered about these boots since last winter, made up my mind to go for them and then kept missing the “40% off” window.  When I finally did get a pair they were a little neat and I sent them back for a wide.  They told me they were on backorder until August but these were waiting for me at the weekend too, obviously a return.  They fit great, a little big if anything, but they were a wee bit scuffed on the side.  They definitely haven’t been worn, just badly packed I guess.  My original pair were clearly brand new and also a bit poorly packed – just inside a poly bag, flip flopping around in a large box, not the best way to keep them in tip top condition until they get to the customer…  I decided to keep them though since it’s not too bad and no doubt I will scratch them myself within 5 mins of putting them on.

I’m not really in clothes-buying mood at the moment, the 10lbs and going up a size is not conducive to that, but I did get taken to Lands’ End for a mother’s day treat.  I was very restrained and just picked up a few things – some cropped trousers, shorts and a linen top – but I could easily have taken home a lovely maxi dress and eyelet shorts from the Canvas range, a cute jersey skirt and a very Boden-esque pink rose top.  Perhaps I’ll go back with the coupon in a few weeks for these when the other half hasn’t got his beady eye on me!

Boots:  Women’s Blakeley Riding Boots, Lands’ End

Jeans:  Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans

Shirt:  Eddie Bauer, old

Scarf:  Boden Lightweight Scarf, hibiscus multi, AD123

Jacket:  Lands’ End Canvas, Women’s pique jacket

Cord in summer?

ImageIs it okay to wear corduroy in summer?  I have no idea.  This is last winter’s Boden Everyday Cord Skirt WG450, some sizes and colours still available in Clearance.  I last wore it here.  It’s a very fine baby cord in a strange pink colour which I don’t think it suits me.  I have struggled to find anything to go with it, in winter or even now.  I thought it was much redder when I bought it, and the colour was called “rouge” – didn’t occur to me they meant rouge as in blusher, that’d it be more pinkish.  Interesting that they have added a note about the pewter colour not being representative, I’d say the same for this one too.

I’m wearing the Boden Juliet top WA386, it’s a lovely floaty silk.  A bit too floaty, won’t stay nicely tucked in!  I last wore it here with jeans.  It’s definitely cooler today, and we’re due for a drop at the weekend too.  I don’t mind as I was just thinking how silly it was of me to buy so many jackets when we really do go from bitterly cold to scorching hot – I seem to get about 2weeks wear out of them – so I will pack those for my weekend in Chicago and enjoy them before they get put away until September!  

Have a lovely weekend all 🙂


Skirt:  Boden Everyday Cord Skirt, WG450 – Clearance

Top:  Boden Juliet Top – Clearance

Shoes:  Naturalizer Nehara


ImageAnother day, another dodgy hem by yours truly.  These are very old trousers (and very big trousers – I got out the summer boxes and, oops, it seems hardly anything still fits, put 10lbs on since last summer!  These were too big to wear last year but I kept them just in case… and this is that case, oh dear).  They were the roll-up and button-up kind, you know what I mean?  You turn them up and then a button/pop tab keeps them up.  I used to buy these by the bucket load thinking how useful they’d be.  And they did get worn but I never rolled them down.  Not having any boyfriend trousers I thought I’d chop/hem these and see if they looked like them without the button tab.  I think they do a bit but omg the hems are not well stitched.  Seems I am a bodger-sewer, no accuracy whatsoever no matter how hard I try!

The top is also old, I don’t think I’ve ever worn it.  I didn’t realise it was sheer when I bought it and I don’t do well with camis.  The straps of the industrial strength bras I have to wear are always 5 times wider than the cami straps, they always slip down and show said industrial bra… not a good look.  This is no different really but I’m just hoiking it up for today, having found so little in the summer boxes that still fits.  

I’ve put myself off shopping for now, haven’t made a Boden order in months, thinking I would do better to lose the weight rather than buy a size up.  We’ll see how that goes…  perhaps I’ll be in time for their just-announced Autumn/Winter 2013 line?!


Top:  Reitmans, very old

Trousers:  Reitmans, even older

Cami:  Joe Fresh

Shoes:  Target Merona Melinda wedge


eBay Boden Chic Beaded Top


ImageThere are a glut of these Boden Chic Beaded Tops WA347 on eBay, not sure why, I can’t see anything wrong with mine – nice fit, beadwork survived multiple washes… just not a popular line I guess.  Oh well, my gain, I might pick up another one.

Cracking out the shorts today, despite the fact I think I have the whitest legs in all North America!  My teenaged-self would have been mortified.  I can’t quite believe we used to sit at school with baby oil on our legs trying to fry in what little of the Scottish sun we could catch, yikes.  

I bought these Eddie Bauer shorts last year, they were not a great fit at the time, remain so now despite weight gain, and yet I nearly bought an even bigger size, terrible!  We usually do a daytrip to a big outlet mall and stock up for the season only it never quite works out for me.  It’s fine for the children: 10 tops, 5 bottoms, new pair of shoes, or whatever we’ve decided they need… even my other half can shop like that, he never changes size, just buys  a number of shirts and trousers and that’s him sorted.  But me?  Ugh.  I can never find anything to fit, the stress of the 1-day shop is too much.  I end up coming away with nothing, totally depressed, or with a bunch of stuff that is not great but bought in desperation just moments before we were about to leave.  So I have resolved not to do the outlet shop for me this year, just pick up what I need as and when.   Now that I’m sure Spring is here to stay I really ought to start 🙂

Top:  Boden Chic Beaded Top WA347, via eBay

Cardigan:  Joe Fresh

Shorts:  Eddie Bauer, old, similar here

Shoes:  Target Mossimo, ancient