PJ Day

ImageImageNot exactly what I’m wearing today, but how I started the day anyway!  I do love Boden’s Favourite Pull Ons, or “Pajama Bottoms” as they’re calling them this year.  I have a couple of pairs from last year, the Westminster print and a check pair, and these bird ones from this season and I just love them all.  They are a good fit, loose but warm brushed cotton, and the prints are always gorgeous.  I appreciate the deep pockets and extra touches like the velvet drawstring and the contrasting waistband linings – you get a surprise inside the waistband with a snippet of one of the other prints in the range!   This year I’ve gone for the cute robin print.  I miss the British robin, the ones here are too big and ugly, and not at all Christmassy, lol, sorry!  I’m a little sad that I’ve cracked these out so early but brr, it’s been pretty chilly, and there was even a frost this morning.

ImageNew to me this year is the Boden Velvet Slipper.  I hate slippers.  I didn’t like them as a child, hated the sensation and also the silly cartoon head ones that were so popular, or the old-lady ones that were the only alternative.  I went to a Scottish boarding school that used to fine us and punish us if we didn’t wear our slippers in the boarding house, so that just added to my hatred of them!  But this year we are trying to save on heating bills, save time steam cleaning the floors and since everyone over here takes their outdoor shoes off when they go inside (I have witnessed 2 delivery men carry a ginormous side-by-side fridge into the house whilst simultaneously removing their shoes, amazing!), I thought I should give slippers another go.

I wasn’t sure about sizing in the Boden Velvet Slipper, I think I’ve got the right one but they are a little big at the heel.  It doesn’t really matter with the elastic but I’d say they’re generous so perhaps size down.  Conversely, I also bought my little girl some Mini Boden match-Mummy ones, and hers are a little on the neat side, could have done with sizing up for her 😀

ImageBoth Mini and adult ones are warm and fluffy, not really structured so they easily fit a wider foot like mine, with the elastic at the back as mentioned.  The fluff is very plush and warming, so far after a few weeks wear it hasn’t flattened down either.  The sole is real leather (suede-y leather like the sole of ballet shoes) which is wonderful for non-slip on wooden floors like these – another reason I haven’t had slippers for the little one before, preferring her to go barefoot.

Have you tried any good loungewear/nightwear?  I am quite enjoying wearing these and keeping warm.  It’ll soon be time to crack out the velvet-trim hoody too and then I won’t want to get dressed at all 😀


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