Hellooo… anyone still here?



It’s been 5 months since I last posted.  If I have popped up in your Feedly or whatever, you are well within your rights to have forgotten me and be asking yourself “Who?”.   Sorry!  Various reasons for the hiatus, a general hot sweaty no air-conditioning summer leading to nothing other than tank tops and shorts being worn would probably be my main one.  For now I’m excited to crack out the boots and tights and boost Boden’s coffers with my love for all their things warm and wintery!

Today’s outfit is the Boden Easy Scoop Tunic Dress, WH575 – some colours on better sale than others.  I ordered this in my usual 10 and although it looked like a good fit, it was neat around the ribcage where the skirt joins and I knew that chasing a toddler would end in a split seam, so I exchanged for a 12.  I was also surprised at just how short the tunic was, so I went for the “Long” in my exchange as well.

When it arrived I was a bit disappointed – clearly in this dress I am a non-existent  size 11, haha – as the 12 was big and baggy and not flattering at all.  My charming other half said I looked “a little bit pregnant and a little bit Mennonite” – not what I was aiming for!   I wore it a few weeks ago and did not feel good, too big.  I washed it as per the instructions and was surprised at how “snowy” the fabric had become, and when I tried it again today it’s clearly shrunk quite a lot.  For once I am not annoyed, it is a very good fit now… apart from some puckering around the side zipper.  Can you believe this is a *long* though?!  Usually they fall below my knee…


Dress:  Boden Easy Scoop Tunic Dress, WH575

Cardigan:  Boden Waterfall cardigan, WK715, old


3 thoughts on “Hellooo… anyone still here?

  1. Hello and welcome back! 🙂 So glad to see one of my favorite blogs again. I am also a major Boden and Lands End fan and your reviews really help me to get my order right the first time, instead of endless returning/exchanging. This tunic is very cute on you and I love the print. Hope you had a good summer. Have you picked up anything fron Boden’s spring/summer clearance that you recommend?

    • Hello!! I am so glad you’re still here, Kristen 🙂 The exchanging is a long process isn’t it? I was a bit annoyed when I said that to Boden recently, and their reply was “Well, why not make a new order and turn your exchange into a return” – sheesh, as if I’m made of money… if I wanted to do that, I’d have ordered a multitude of sizes first time!
      Anyhow. I really didn’t order a lot from Spring/Summer this year, but although it shrunk on me first time (pattern here?!) I did love the Easy Weekend Dress, very flattering if slightly gapey at the bust, I need to be careful when I bend down! The Adelaide dress was amazing too, just throw it on, nothing fancy kind of jersey dress. And I didn’t get this season’s but I have an older Weekend dress in linen, I see some similar in Clearance now.
      Have you ordered anything from Winter? How is Lands End at the moment? I haven’t been in in such a long time, desperate to see what they’ve got 🙂

  2. So far I have ordered the Edie and Alexa dresses from Boden as well as the Eliza top and the Autumn Breton. Waiting on their arrivals! As far as Lands End, it is all about the shoes for me lately…..loving their sandal wedges and boots. They have had great sales too!

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