Target Merona Favorite Lawn Shirt

ImageImageI picked up a few things last week at Target in Canada.  Yes, Target has now come to Canada, a nation rejoices!  From an unscientific few prices that I know off by heart I’d reckon that the Target own-brand item prices here compare reasonably with US prices, but that branded goods are subject to the good ole’ double-it-and-add-some Canadian pricing formula.  I won’t make a habit of shopping there but it’s nice to know I could 😉

I liked this “Favorite Lawn Shirt” in yellow, I see there are other options I would have preferred on the website  but didn’t see these in store.  It’s nice and airy but very thin, definitely needs a cami underneath which isn’t so practical when it heats up.   Speaking of which, we’ve gone from high 80s down to 40s today, ugh, so this works for now.

I am still enjoying the Jawbone UP. I got a better night’s sleep last night it tells me and I certainly agree and can feel the benefit today, got up early (unheard of for me!) and did a whole list of things that I’d neglected in days.  My “active time” and “active calories burned” has really shocked me – yesterday I burned only 160cal from moving around, how pathetic!  No wonder I’ve been piling on the weight.  I did spend almost all day sewing as it was so miserable and wet outside but still, I need to move a bit more.  A lot more.  But not in these terrible shoes huh?!

Shirt:  Target Merona Favourite Lawn Shirt

Shoes:  Target Marguerite Closed Wedge Canvas, do not buy these, unwearable – my review

Jeans:  Reitmans comfort, old

Cami:  Boden, Jersey Cami WL633


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