Lands End Pippa Suede Braided Espadrille

ImageImageImageMy photos aren’t the best and my feet certainly aren’t the prettiest but I love these Lands’ End Pippa Suede Braided sandals – comfortable from the first step, a good price (with either 30% or 40%, I forget which) and the make my very wide feet look less so.  I am wondering about picking up another colour in these next time a discount code lands in my inbox.  My skirt and top are both positively ancient, not worth mentioning.

I did make another purchase at the weekend – the Jawbone UP wristband you can see in the photos.  So far I like it.  It’s a weirdly-named activity, food and sleep tracker that you wear on your wrist 24/7.  It also has a few nice extras like a vibrate reminder if you haven’t moved in a little while (goodbye Facebook browsing sessions!), and a gentle alarm when you enter light sleep mode close to your desired wake-time.  I nearly bought a Nike Fuel Band, those are certainly a lot prettier to look at and less cumbersome to sync, but they have no other features other than pedometer and I need more of a gimmick to motivate my lazy butt.  I was pleased to find out the food tracking side of the iOS UP app is based on Massive Health’s “Eatery” app, I lost 20lbs without even trying using the Eatery last year until it became too slow and buggy and I gave up.  So I am hopeful – a bit of rubbery bling, gimmickry and peer pressure will yield some good results where my willpower has totally failed!



Some screenshots from the corresponding iOS app today, not exactly hit my stride yet but it shows what the app will detail.  Yes, I did wake up that often, toddler invader!Image  ImageImage


Top:  Reitmans, old

Skirt:  Reitmans, old

Sandals:  Lands’ End Pippa Suede Braided Espadrilles


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