Still got the whitest legs…

ImageImageI’m still dazzling everyone with my dough-white legs, hehe, perhaps they’ll go red soon – I don’t tan, just white to red. I bought this dress in Old Navy in January for my holiday, don’t think I actually wore it. It’s a bit bleh and elasticated around the middle which I generally like but this one has a glut of material, too much for even my bust, and it just looks odd. I’m trying it with this yellow belt, been doing navy and yellow too much recently, I need a new combo but don’t have the belts!

Chicago again this weekend, hopefully my Lands End maxi dress will be waiting for me. I also ordered a swimsuit from their DDD range on 30% off as there’s no way I can wear the bikinis I wore last year. I was probably pushing my luck with them back then. It’s not the most exciting swimsuit but nothing really is when your bust is that size. Hopefully it will work for me and I can get in the pool. The kids have been in a few times already but I haven’t dared. We had a frost on Sunday/Monday, that water simply cannot be warm!


Happy Victoria Day weekend all, and happy birthday to my boy who’s turning 10. Yikes!

Dress: Old Navy crepe dress, no longer online, last worn in red hearts here

Shoes: Target Merona Melinda Wedge

Belt: Boden Skinny Belt, pineapple


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