Lands’ End chino crop trousers

ImageI’m not sure about these Lands’ End chino crops – I can’t decide if they’re young and trendy, or ancient and golf-coursey – either way I suspect I’m 20yrs too old or too young!  My OH said they were like camouflage trousers for hippies, ho ho.  They are the same as the blue patterned ones I wore here, albeit a size up.  Oops.  Need to get back on the no-junk regime…

Having said I’d wait to go back next month for the other Lands’ End bits and pieces I wanted, I had absolutely no willpower and had a peek at the website yesterday.  The lovely french terry Canvas maxi dress I didn’t buy in-store because it was an outrageous $84, was down to only $29 online, so I grabbed it.  I used a “40% off 1 item” code, and then cashed in some points to pick up the drapey vest top I fancied for free in effect.  Yay.  Now definitely no more shopping until I fit my usual size again.


Trousers:  Lands’ End cropped chinos, clearance

Blazer:  Boden Tipped Blazer WE326, clearance

Sweatshirt:  Reitmans

Shoes:  Naturalizer Nehara

Necklace: Target, old


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