Brrr, boots and scarf


ImageThe mercury has taken a nosedive this weekend.  I was hoping to wear my new Lands’ End sandals today but instead I’m in boots and a scarf.  There was a light frost this morning.  We had covered the tomatoes and peppers so hopefully no damage.   It was pretty chilly in Chicago and with quite a wind of course.  Happily I had ordered an autumn Breton from Boden USA’s eBay store intending to put it away for the summer and that was waiting for me, so I was toasty warm in that.

I ordered this Lightweight Scarf in hibiscus multi from Boden ages ago but it was on a long backorder (5weeks wait again now) and by the time I got it, it wasn’t really scarf weather any more, not even for a light one like this.  I can’t say I’m pleased it’s cold enough but it cheers me up a bit!

I swithered about these boots since last winter, made up my mind to go for them and then kept missing the “40% off” window.  When I finally did get a pair they were a little neat and I sent them back for a wide.  They told me they were on backorder until August but these were waiting for me at the weekend too, obviously a return.  They fit great, a little big if anything, but they were a wee bit scuffed on the side.  They definitely haven’t been worn, just badly packed I guess.  My original pair were clearly brand new and also a bit poorly packed – just inside a poly bag, flip flopping around in a large box, not the best way to keep them in tip top condition until they get to the customer…  I decided to keep them though since it’s not too bad and no doubt I will scratch them myself within 5 mins of putting them on.

I’m not really in clothes-buying mood at the moment, the 10lbs and going up a size is not conducive to that, but I did get taken to Lands’ End for a mother’s day treat.  I was very restrained and just picked up a few things – some cropped trousers, shorts and a linen top – but I could easily have taken home a lovely maxi dress and eyelet shorts from the Canvas range, a cute jersey skirt and a very Boden-esque pink rose top.  Perhaps I’ll go back with the coupon in a few weeks for these when the other half hasn’t got his beady eye on me!

Boots:  Women’s Blakeley Riding Boots, Lands’ End

Jeans:  Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans

Shirt:  Eddie Bauer, old

Scarf:  Boden Lightweight Scarf, hibiscus multi, AD123

Jacket:  Lands’ End Canvas, Women’s pique jacket


2 thoughts on “Brrr, boots and scarf

  1. just a quick question: what color are your boots? Hazelnut or cognac? I recently ordered the hazelnut but they are much lighter than i thought they would be and am debating whether to return them for the cognac.

    • Hi, yes, these are the hazlenut. They were a bit lighter than I thought too, but they don’t always look it in my photos. Hope you like the cognac, I would love another pair but got too many boots already 😦

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