Cord in summer?

ImageIs it okay to wear corduroy in summer?  I have no idea.  This is last winter’s Boden Everyday Cord Skirt WG450, some sizes and colours still available in Clearance.  I last wore it here.  It’s a very fine baby cord in a strange pink colour which I don’t think it suits me.  I have struggled to find anything to go with it, in winter or even now.  I thought it was much redder when I bought it, and the colour was called “rouge” – didn’t occur to me they meant rouge as in blusher, that’d it be more pinkish.  Interesting that they have added a note about the pewter colour not being representative, I’d say the same for this one too.

I’m wearing the Boden Juliet top WA386, it’s a lovely floaty silk.  A bit too floaty, won’t stay nicely tucked in!  I last wore it here with jeans.  It’s definitely cooler today, and we’re due for a drop at the weekend too.  I don’t mind as I was just thinking how silly it was of me to buy so many jackets when we really do go from bitterly cold to scorching hot – I seem to get about 2weeks wear out of them – so I will pack those for my weekend in Chicago and enjoy them before they get put away until September!  

Have a lovely weekend all 🙂


Skirt:  Boden Everyday Cord Skirt, WG450 – Clearance

Top:  Boden Juliet Top – Clearance

Shoes:  Naturalizer Nehara


One thought on “Cord in summer?

  1. Another lovely outfit. I think corduroy in summer is perfectly acceptable- it reads preppy to me. I grew up on Long Island and can remember when corduroy shorts in summer from the Ocean Pacific brand were all the rage. :). Have a wonderful weekend.

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