ImageAnother day, another dodgy hem by yours truly.  These are very old trousers (and very big trousers – I got out the summer boxes and, oops, it seems hardly anything still fits, put 10lbs on since last summer!  These were too big to wear last year but I kept them just in case… and this is that case, oh dear).  They were the roll-up and button-up kind, you know what I mean?  You turn them up and then a button/pop tab keeps them up.  I used to buy these by the bucket load thinking how useful they’d be.  And they did get worn but I never rolled them down.  Not having any boyfriend trousers I thought I’d chop/hem these and see if they looked like them without the button tab.  I think they do a bit but omg the hems are not well stitched.  Seems I am a bodger-sewer, no accuracy whatsoever no matter how hard I try!

The top is also old, I don’t think I’ve ever worn it.  I didn’t realise it was sheer when I bought it and I don’t do well with camis.  The straps of the industrial strength bras I have to wear are always 5 times wider than the cami straps, they always slip down and show said industrial bra… not a good look.  This is no different really but I’m just hoiking it up for today, having found so little in the summer boxes that still fits.  

I’ve put myself off shopping for now, haven’t made a Boden order in months, thinking I would do better to lose the weight rather than buy a size up.  We’ll see how that goes…  perhaps I’ll be in time for their just-announced Autumn/Winter 2013 line?!


Top:  Reitmans, very old

Trousers:  Reitmans, even older

Cami:  Joe Fresh

Shoes:  Target Merona Melinda wedge



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