eBay Boden Chic Beaded Top


ImageThere are a glut of these Boden Chic Beaded Tops WA347 on eBay, not sure why, I can’t see anything wrong with mine – nice fit, beadwork survived multiple washes… just not a popular line I guess.  Oh well, my gain, I might pick up another one.

Cracking out the shorts today, despite the fact I think I have the whitest legs in all North America!  My teenaged-self would have been mortified.  I can’t quite believe we used to sit at school with baby oil on our legs trying to fry in what little of the Scottish sun we could catch, yikes.  

I bought these Eddie Bauer shorts last year, they were not a great fit at the time, remain so now despite weight gain, and yet I nearly bought an even bigger size, terrible!  We usually do a daytrip to a big outlet mall and stock up for the season only it never quite works out for me.  It’s fine for the children: 10 tops, 5 bottoms, new pair of shoes, or whatever we’ve decided they need… even my other half can shop like that, he never changes size, just buys  a number of shirts and trousers and that’s him sorted.  But me?  Ugh.  I can never find anything to fit, the stress of the 1-day shop is too much.  I end up coming away with nothing, totally depressed, or with a bunch of stuff that is not great but bought in desperation just moments before we were about to leave.  So I have resolved not to do the outlet shop for me this year, just pick up what I need as and when.   Now that I’m sure Spring is here to stay I really ought to start 🙂

Top:  Boden Chic Beaded Top WA347, via eBay

Cardigan:  Joe Fresh

Shorts:  Eddie Bauer, old, similar here

Shoes:  Target Mossimo, ancient


5 thoughts on “eBay Boden Chic Beaded Top

    • Thanks! Shorts seem to be a bit tricky, the prints I love are in the just-past-bum-cheek length, and the longer length ones are all a bit dull! The search continues, good luck to us both 🙂

  1. Really like this top with the cardigan and shorts- very cute. Often I am very surprised by the random Boden items I pick up in clearance or on ebay- I love them and wonder why I seem to be the only one?!

    • Thanks! I’m the same, I start googling reviews thinking “what’s wrong with it, why didn’t it sell?”! Sometimes I guess things slip under the radar – what’s a cracking little top on may have looked a bit meh in the Boden photos… I would really like them to send me one of everything so I can have a proper look at things in person, hehe, I can dream! 😉

      • I feel the same way. I often think that if I could just shop a Boden store in person (or they’d just send me everything to sample:) I’d come home with different items/prints than what was originally on my wishlist. Many of my favorite items have had the lowest reviews, too, lol. 🙂

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