First hem shortening, don’t look too closely!


ImageI bought this Boden Twist Neck Tunic on clearance last year.  I’ve worn it a few times but it was a funny length on me, looked not quite tunic-y, and had huge side vents that flapped around… overall the whole impression was paediatric nurse smock I think!  So I decided to shorten it to proper top length as I love the print.  I took a good 5 inches off it I think, which has left me with some nice scraps for the pile for my little girl’s appliqué t-shirts.  I am very bad at folding/pressing/measuring though and whilst the hem is the same length the whole way round, the seam sewing is not at the same height, oops.  Hopefully no-one will notice, they’d have to be inspecting me side-on to see 😉

Still desperately short of summer shoes and clothes, I’m not sure these sandals look good with these colours at all.  I ordered a pair of the Pippa Braided Espadrille in Coral from Lands’ End in their recent 40% off event – hopefully they’ll be waiting for me in Chicago when we go this coming weekend.  I need to branch out from the espadrille wedge huh?!



Top:  Boden Twist Next Tunic WA333, old

Jeans:  Gap Factory Store, old

Shoes:  Clark’s Artisan, old


4 thoughts on “First hem shortening, don’t look too closely!

  1. Cute top, hem looks good. Please let us know how you like the LE wedge sandals- I am eyeing them myself.

  2. Thanks! The sandals are fab, I really love them. They make my wide trotters look almost delicate which is no mean feat 😉 Hopefully when it warms up again here I’ll get them on and take a photo.

  3. I loved this top but it was such a strange length! I ordered it on preview so it arrived Jan 2012 if I remember rightly. I didn’t even try it on properly as I was “huh”? when I got it out of the bag. Such a shame as the pattern and colours were divine, totally up my street. I did consider it at clearance time as it was such a low price but I couldn’t get over the length issue and I don’t know a seamstress!

    • I remember it had a “this is really relaxed fit” warning underneath the blurb, you know the addition they do when they’ve obviously had a ton of complaints and returns… so I was prepared for that just not the weird length and vents. It is such a lovely pattern though, I’m going to sew a teacup or a bunny rabbit or something Mini Boden-y on a plain tee for my little girl – the fabric will live on, lol!

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