Boden Pique mini

ImageI bought this a while ago, I’m a sucker for spots.  It’s really quite unflattering on my figure though as it has pleats back and front, and adds a lot of bulk to already bulky places.  I really ought to have tried a size down but I didn’t, so have to live with it.  It needs a tucked-in top too and that is even more lumps and bumps.  I just hope people know I’m not this weird shape underneath, haha!

I found this pink polo in a drawer, don’t even remember buying it and don’t think I’ve worn it.  It was XL, very boxy, so I attacked it with the sewing machine this morning and managed to do my first ever alteration, exciting!  I just took it in from under the sleeve which makes it look a bit odd around the bustline but then my bustline is odd so I can’t hope for too much in the first place 😉  I see on the photo it needs a good iron after being stuffed into the machine but overall a success I think.  Hopefully I will find lots more things I can nip/tuck/alter a bit and save some money this summer on clothes I already own.

So far I’ve managed to make my little girl a couple of pairs of jersey trousers with a free pattern from FleeceFun – ideal for a complete novice like me.  I was terrified, especially since the lady in the fabric store sucked in through her teeth when I told her I was a beginner looking for some jersey fabric… apparently it’s a no-no, too slippy.  But all went well.  The second pair were better than the first, that has to be said, all good experience though.  I’ve also managed to do a cute little appliqué on an old polo for my girl – made a pair of flip-flop shapes by tracing around her shoes with some leftover fabric from the trousers.  I’d post a photo but she has carted off the polo to goodness knows where and I can’t find it.  Perhaps tomorrow!

Skirt:  Boden Pique Mini, Navy irregular spot

Polo:  Target, old – taken in to fit by yours truly, yay!

Shoes:  Target Marguerite wedges, buyer beware, impossible to walk in, see my post “Slippy Sloppy Shoes


2 thoughts on “Boden Pique mini

  1. Wow! Good for you for making jersey pants. Sewing is one of those things that you learn by doing.

    I think that this outfit looks great together. I love pink and polka dots:) And be kind to yourself. You have a great figure!

    • Thank you! Really enjoying the sewing so far, the sense of achievement from those simple trousers was amazing, lol! I am working up to your pyjama trousers 🙂

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