Another tunic


ImageThis is a Boden Casual Printed Tunic WL679 from last year, there are a very few left in the Clearance section.  We have woken up to rain but it’s supposed to hot by this afternoon so this outfit should cover all bases.  I do love a good tunic, hides a multitude of my sins,  but I haven’t been tempted by any of Boden’s this time around.  The Breton Tunic in their current line-up is up my street in principle but I just don’t like the contrasting pockets.  Perhaps if the price goes any lower I’ll be tempted…

Today’s shoes are positively ancient.  I checked the label and I think they say 2006.  These were the first pair of ballet flats I ever bought.  I remember going in to Marks and Spencer on a visit to the UK and in a mad panic grab shop type of way (because they don’t have clothes over here you know!) I saw they had a wide-feet section and tried these.  They really were a huge style departure for me at the time and I felt even less confident about them when the mother-in-law said she liked them and wanted a pair, ugh!  However, I grew to love them as the scuffs and dodgy seams now attest to… and I can’t bear to throw them out.

I did manage some sewing this weekend but it didn’t go to plan.  Having folded up the new hem on the Boden top I’d like to shorten, pressed it and pinned it, I had the realization that this is not something I can eyeball.  It needs a ruler and proper marking or I will look like a crooked mess.  I need to get both of those things still 😉  So instead I practised some appliqué from old clothes and again, the realization that this needs proper steps like attaching the appliqué to the fabric before I sew or it will all bunch up horribly.  I am hopeful I can make my daughter some Mini Boden-esque t-shirts soon, but need to brave the fabric store again and get the necessary supplies.  I did manage to test the auto buttonhole function, such fun, and even got my 10yr old boy on the machine to have a shot and he loved it!

What did you get up to this weekend, and has Spring finally happened where you are too?

Tunic:   Boden Casual Printed Tunic

Shoes:  Marks and Spencer, checked the label and I think they’re 2006!


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