Hot and cold


ImageI can’t keep up, such changeable weather.  I last wore this Joe Fresh tunic here and I’m not sure it’s a whole lot warmer today but I am braving  Nehara ballet flats instead of boots.  They come in wide width and are so comfortable.  I haven’t had patent shoes since my “party shoes” when I was 5 – anyone else have those, t-bar Clarks, leaf punch-outs?!

Still no luck with the slippy sloppy Target Marguerite wedges, $14 of heel grips and ball pads and they’re still unwearable.  I will try a different kind of heel grip, perhaps a less smooth one, but it’s just the design of the shoe… lesson learned, walk around on carpet to test, just “fitting” and standing still isn’t enough.

In other news, I have unboxed the sewing machine, managed to thread it and the bobbin and start on some very wonky test stitching on remnants.  Yikes!  It is scary.  Even the fabric stores are scary, a secret world, I have no idea how it all works and walked out twice before I could get some help.  I have already jammed fabric and thread under the plate thingies (note firm grasp of sewing machine terminology;) ) but managed to solve it, phew.  I think my project today, well it’s hardly a project, will be to take up the hem on a Boden tunic I bought in clearance last winter.  It’s a very awkward in-between length and looks as if I’m wearing a dental smock, needs a good few inches to make it proper “top” length.  If I haven’t stitched through a finger I will report back soon!

Tunic:  Joe Fresh at Loblaws/Superstore/Zehrs

Shoes:  Naturalizer Nehara ballet flat


2 thoughts on “Hot and cold

  1. Sorry about your Target shoes. I had the exact same problem 😦 A week or so ago I bought two pairs of wedges there, felt fine when I stood in them in the store, and then when I tried walking in them inside at home they completely slipped off my feet- unwearable. 😦 I hadn’t cut the tags off either pair so returned them. Love the tunic you are wearing today- so cute. Good luck with your sewing project- I am interested in learning how to sew, too- and agree that fabric stores can feel like an overwhelming, foreign country.

    • Thanks! I’ve had more luck with the foot pad thingies to stop my feet sliding forward, the heel grips do nothing… I think superglue is the only thing that’d keep these on! Which ones did you get? I am swithering about the navy cork wedges – they have a ankle strap so I should be ok 😀

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