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ImageImageImageIt was 25c yesterday, muggy with tornado warnings.  And now they’re calling for snow at the weekend, ack.  We’re off to Chicago, I have no idea what to pack clothes wise, this is tricky.  No clothes waiting for me there either coming off my 30 day no spend as I am.  Well, a pair of boots from Lands End on 30% off but I’m certain they won’t fit (why did I order them?!)…

I am fed up of black tights so I picked up some coloured ones in Target only these were not a good buy.  They looked purple in the package and are of course, but they have a massive grey contrast toe and heel making them completely unwearable with anything other than boots as it shows terribly.  Meh.  

The Boden floaty beaded top is via eBay, I can’t date it, can’t find much about it online but yet it has a newer style label so has to be semi-recent.  It’s nice enough, I worry about the beading being pulled off by a certain little someone, but on the other hand the pattern has nicely disguised the cocoa puff hand smear she put on me this morning – swings and roundabouts 🙂

Top:  Boden Floaty Beaded Top, old (?)

Skirt:  Reitmans Denim comfort skirt

Tights:  Target, purple with MASSIVE GREY TOE AND HEEL, ugh

Shoes:  Target Merona Melinda wedge


2 thoughts on “Back to tights

  1. I just found your blog and love it. I am a major Boden (and Lands’ End) fan and your posts and outfit ideas take so much of the guesswork out of ordering online. Congrats on your 30-day no spend challenge, boo Target on bicolor tights that don’t appear that way in the package. Your outfit today looks very cute- top looks like a good ebay buy.

    • Ooh, thank you! But I suspect mine’s more a “what not to wear” 😉 Having said that, as much as I *love* browsing the Boden catalogue or looking online, it is great to see the clothes on real people as well – I’ve bought so many lovely things I would never have given a second glance to in the catalogue after seeing them on bloggers. Much to my bank manager’s dismay!

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