It’s not Spring

ImageJust when I decide it’s warmer weather and crack out the Spring wardrobe, it turns bitterly cold.  Pah!  My car is back at the dealership, we had a “flight recorder” in it so they could capture and fix the problem, they said they replaced a part and all would now be well, but 5 days later it had a new though obviously related problem on the drive to Chicago, ugh.  You try and buy local, especially living in the motor city metro area, but this is what happens.   No-one at the dealer knows what’s up with it, Ford Canada don’t seem to know either, car just keeps going back and back at my inconvenience…  meanwhile OH’s Korean car has gone around the clock with no problems whatsoever.  Anyway, this car swap meant I had to go outside to OH’s car this morning instead of into the garage as usual for mine.  I am always running late and never dress my little one properly, usually she’s still in PJs when I do the school run but it usually doesn’t matter when going to the car via the house… this morning was awful though, she was shivering and I could barely hold the steering wheel it was so cold!  I will see if I can park inside tonight.  I think OH is hardier than us wimps and could do with a cold start to wake him up.  Anything to avoid me getting up earlier 😉

My top today is Boden Spring 2011 I think, called the “Forget Me Not top”, item WA295.  It’s newish to me from eBay.  It is very un-Boden-ish though I feel, a nice piece but insubstantial and not a wow print.  For the $4 I paid though it’s fine.  It has a side zip but why anyone would need that I don’t know.  The v is too low and I’m not sure if it came like this or the previous owner did it but it has a sewn tack to keep it closed – still gapes a bit on me though, will need to watch for bra flashing this summer when the cardis come off!

Top:  Boden Forget Me Not, Spring 2011 – old catalogue photo

Cardigan:  Lands’ End fine gauge supima crew

Jeans:  Levi’s 512 Misses Petite Perfectly Slimming Straight Leg Jean with Tummy-Slimming Panel

Shoes: Naturalizer Women’s Nehara Ballet Flat


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