Boden Rainy Day Mac


ImageIt’s finally Rainy Day Mac weather and I got to wear it for the first time on Saturday.  Despite the photo on the website of the model cavorting in the snow, this is definitely a Spring or Autumn coat, not warm enough for a winter in the Midwest anyway.  Boden also does a summer version of the rainy day mac which is, as far as I know, the same but not fleece-lined.

I got this winter style on clearance.  The Rainy Day Mac is a Boden staple but the regular price has alway put me off a bit.  Not sure why I was browsing this but saw one in my size for $53 and popped it in my virtual basket.  By the time I had browsed for more reviews and decided to go for it, someone else had snapped it up and it was removed from my basket.  I checked back a few times over the next week or so and found another one on popback and bought it instantly, no hanging around for someone else my size to snap it up!

It’s not the pattern I would have gone for had there been the full range available but I am growing to like this “charcoal heritage print”.  It’s definitely eye catching – first time I wore it was Saturday in downtown Chicago, walked a block from my condo to cross over the main street and the local crazy panhandler who sits on the corner yelled “Hey lady, I like the pattern on your coat!” – ha ha!

It’s untested in the rain as yet (hurray, long may we stay dry!) but I would reckon it’s more showerproof than waterproof.  It feels slightly stiff, has a light coating on the cottony fabric.  It has a fleece lining and most wonderful of all, the pockets are fleece lined too, so soft and warming.  I was taught never to walk with my hands in my pockets (“if you fall, you’ll smash all your teeth out” my parents lectured) but who can resist putting their hands in pockets like these?!

You can see on the second photo that as well as the buttons, there is also a zipper.  This is fantastic in windy weather, no flapping or drafts.  There is a hood which buttons off and on, it is also lined.  It’s slightly bulky and doesn’t sit well on my neckline though so I might remove it.  The coat looks nicely fitted at the waist, and finishes mid thigh.  I’ve only worn it with jeans so far, not sure how the length will look with a skirt or dress.

Very pleased with the coat so far, if you can get one on clearance I highly recommend it.

Coat:  Boden Rainy Day Mac, charcoal heritage – clearance, watch for popbacks

Jeans:  Levi’s 512 Misses Petite Perfectly Slimming Straight Leg Jean with Tummy-Slimming Panel

Shoes: Naturalizer Women’s Nehara Ballet Flat


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