Long weekend

ImageIt’s nearly the weekend, yahoo!  Have you got plans?  We’re slightly limited with only 1 of the 2 days off for my other half, but that’s better than none and we will head to Chicago shortly.  We did see the cave painting exhibit last week, it was very well done but I got my caves all confused – I thought I had seen a documentary about these ones with Werner Herzog, but those were a different set of French caves with paintings entirely.  Anyhow, we didn’t manage to see the Creatures of Light:  Nature’s Bioluminescence exhibit and my boy is super keen.  I will never forget moving here and us seeing fireflies in our garden for the first time, truly magical when you get past the “am I having a stroke? what are these flashes of light?” panic!

Today’s outfit is plain but practical.  I haven’t worn the skirt as often as I should have, it’s a lovely moleskin type brushed fabric and is on clearance for an excellent $29.  The chambray shirt is new from Lands’ End Canvas and has a neat hidden lower button section to make it look like a popover rather than a button up.  I see now on this photo I ought perhaps to have tucked it in.  I think everything will be untucked and unbuckled for a while after I’ve hit the Creme Eggs this weekend…

Anyhow, have a good Easter all, hope the sun shines for you!

Skirt:  Boden Everyday Mini in Raisin, clearance

Shirt:  Women’s Kensington Sun-Faded Oxford, Lands’ End

Sweater:  Boden Must Have Jumper, sold out in grey – clearance in other colours

Scarf:  Banana Republic Factory Store, woven infinity scarf

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, old


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