Raw Edge Hotchpotch top


ImageThis was another Spring Trim choice of mine, I have had it for a while since I wore it on holiday in January but of course it’s not exactly been the weather for it since.  In need of some bright colours I tried it with an old cardigan this morning.  It is a pretty top, particularly for the now greatly reduced price, but it is rather boxy – when you see the actual shape of it you realise how they’ve folded a good chunk of it under at the armpit in the Boden website photo.

Speaking of Boden, their 20% off sale ends today and drops to 15% off until Thursday midnight, then 10% off Friday and Saturday.  I am not ordering anything, in fact all their lovely email makes me want is the massive jar of Flying Saucer sweets!  Do they have those here?  A sort of rice paper disk filled with sherbet, see the first jar here, childhood heaven…

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 12.50.48 PM

I am not keen on these Gap 1969 legging cords.  They’re not legging-y at all.   They bag around my middle and yet somehow manage to be far too tight in the calf leading to a sort of bunched up effect all over, yuk! – a really bad buy in haste whilst husband and children moaned at me to hurry up outside the changing room, I remember that shopping trip too well…

Cardigan:  Reitmans, old

Top:  Boden raw edge hotchpotch top

Cords:  Gap 1969, sold out

Boots:  Old Navy, similar


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