Crinkle shirt

ImageI still can’t find my tripod attachment, it’s a genuine mystery.  Perhaps a child has inserted it into the heating vent or something, that’s always a laugh.

I can’t decide about this Boden crinkle shirt.  I think this is only its second outing since I bought it last winter (this winter?  -spring hasn’t exactly started!).  It came in a matching fabric bag, you’re supposed to wash it, roll it up to dry and then store in the bag so it keeps its crinkles.  Thing is, it just looks awful – it doesn’t look like intentional crinkling, it looks like it’s been squashed at the bottom of a suitcase for a month.  And then someone’s sat on it.  I had read on some blogs that the crinkle could be washed out and I’ve done that a good few times with no luck.  Looking at the official Boden detail page now I see it says “semi permanent crinkle”, I’ll bear that in mind if I’m tempted to get another, perhaps it looks better in a different colourway?  But the red flower print and the fabric I do like.  I love a good shirt but really struggle to get something that is form fitting yet accommodates my bust, and this jersey fabric is ideal.  It stretches with no pulling or gaping on the buttons at all.

We’re off to Chicago this afternoon so this stretchy outfit should be ideal for suitcase and stroller wrangling.  The weather is still arctic, I am going to leave the parka at home though as we won’t be walking around much.  Space is at a premium in the car as I’m trying to smuggle all the Easter nonsense I bought for them without the kids seeing.  We’re going to the museum, hopefully we’ll see the new cave paintings exhibit.  Definitely no shopping on the cards, still on the spending freeze, but I am expecting a few Boden parcels to be waiting for me.  They were ordered before the freeze or in exchange.  So they don’t count 😉

Shirt:  Boden crinkle jersey shirt in cranberry sixties bud, sold out

Skirt:  Reitmans Comfort fit denim skirt

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, very old


2 thoughts on “Crinkle shirt

  1. I have a couple of crinkle shirts. I tend to ditch the bag and do my own version of the crinkle hold. I spin the shirt whilst holding the collar between my thumb an forefinger, kind of like the way you spin a tea towel when you’re gonna flick someone with it! Then, I twist it tight and tie the shirt in a knot, so it looks a bit like a massive pretzel, and leave it in the cupboard like that until I want to wear it. Seems to work ok, but could depend on the fabric I suppose.

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