Cold dress

ImageI can’t find the whatsit that attaches the camera to the tripod so excuse the photo, had to balance on a chest on top of a pile of books to take this.

I’m going to some friends’ citizenship oath this afternoon.  I had wanted to wear a nice dress and heels but it is snowing and bitterly cold.  I don’t like the boots with this but practicality over falling on my bum I guess.   I’ll be piling on a scarf, heavy coat and mittens on top.  First day of Spring?  pah!

Dress:  Boden tea dress in navy shadow spot, from BodenUSA eBay store

Cardigan:  Lands’ End dress cardigan

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, old


2 thoughts on “Cold dress

  1. It’s terrible isn’t it? I want sandals and summery prints, and now! The boots did the job, they’ve gone a bit baggy at the top and scrunchy at the ankle, not sure how I could have kept that from happening, I use those funny “boot tree” thingies… but hey ho. Hopefully they’ll be in the cupboard soon and I won’t care. P.S. I can’t seem to comment on your blog, am I doing sth wrong?

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