St Patrick’s Day


I grew up not celebrating St Patrick’s Day in any way, I don’t think anyone in Britain or Ireland really did (does?).  Since finding my bio-family a few years ago and discovering that I am the daughter of a passport-carrying born-in-Ireland Irish man, and about 50% Irish on my mother’s side to boot, I thought I better dig out something green at the very least.  We had planned to go to Chicago, my boy is desperate to see the river dyed green, but it wasn’t to be this year.  I can’t say I did much more than have a Guinness and eat some green cookies but it’s all about the food and drink anyway, isn’t it?

Jeans:  Old Navy, Women’s The Rockstar Floral-Print Skinny Jeans

Sweater:  Old Navy cable boatneck in Imperial Jade (sold out)

Shirt:  Converse at Target, old

Sandals:  Clarks Artisan Harwick wedge sandal


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