Yellow belt

ImageI last wore this Boden dress here, I’ve always thought it was a bit big and shapeless and liked it even less after the OH said his granny used to wear cordurouy dresses like this one.  Pah!  When I wore it the time before and posted a snap over at Avenue57, one of the ladies suggested some different colour belts that I would never have thought of trying in a million years.  One was yellow, and I was finally able to try that today.  I do think it’s better than dull old black.  I don’t hate this dress today, and it’s won its way out of the to-be-eBay-ed pile!

Dress:  Boden Stitch Detail dress, clearance, as low as $39 – wow!

Boots:  Clarks Women’s Orinocco Skip Boot

T-shirt:  Uniqlo Heatech thermal

Belt:  Boden Skinny Belt, in Pineapple


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