Spending freeze

ImageImageI’m on a spending freeze for 30 days, sounds pathetically short, I should be able to do this.  I don’t splurge thousands, but I am a careless impulsive shopper and chuck in things here and there and of course they all mount up.  The OH has just done our taxes and I have volunteered to cut the crap for 30 days.  I will keep a list of things I want during that time, and it will be interesting to see if I still want when the 30 days is up.  I expect not.

Looking at these photos I think it’s time I did some ironing.  I don’t ever iron, well, perhaps a couple of times a year when something really really needs it… but I can see that I fold my sweaters in a rubbish way that leads to them looking like I’ve been doing origami down my front!

Sweater:  Target, Mossimo lurex shine sweater

Jeans:  Old Navy Rockstar super skinny floral

Shoes:  Naturalizer Women’s Nehara Ballet Flat,Black Shiny,7.5 M US

Necklace:  Target, absolutely ancient


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