Lands’ End sale coat

ImageImageImageAfter saying how I had neglected Lands’ End, I had a jolly good rummage around one in Michigan yesterday, under the guise of taking the car for a run. It’s been faulty, the stupid dealership finally put in a data recorder to capture the glitsch and will it happen? No, of course not, making me look like an idiot. I’ve been on pointless drives wasting gas (and spending money in stores!) to try and replicate it but nothing.

I tried this coat on in green last time I was in Lands End for $115 and swithered. I’m glad I resisted as it was down to $56 yesterday, fantastic price. There’s no way I would have paid full price as it’s a wool-blend, but for that cut down price I am pleased with it. I also picked up a swim top (you know those ones kids wear? I had no idea they did them in adult sizes, good idea to keep my pale celtic skin out of the sun by the pool this summer!), a chambray shirt, some patterned cropped trousers and a baggy sweatshirt.

I also stopped in Old Navy with a $10 off $50 offer, intending to try their boyfriend jeans. I couldn’t see any, only skinny boyfriend khakis which were neither skinny nor boyfriend fit on me, but I did try their “sweetheart fit” skinnies and found them to be ok. That style is supposed to be smaller in the waist but it’s just as baggy as any other jean I’ve tried. Where is does fit nicely is the bum and thigh, and they’re a lot skinnier than my other jeans so stuff into boots much better. I wish I’d found them earlier in the winter.

The top is lace over a t-shirt, from Canadian supermarket range Joe Fresh. I was worried about how it would wash, their stuff has gone shapeless and short on me in the past, but it seems okay. I think it may be fraying a bit at the bottom already but that’s probably the clawing toddler who’s around that height!

Coat: Lands End luxe wool scoopneck coat (price may vary in your local Sears)

Jeans: Old Navy, sweetheart fit skinny

Top: Joe Fresh (not online)

Boots: Clarks Women’s Orinocco Skip Boot

Scarf: Boden fizzy spot scarf (sold out)


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