No more germs, no more Canonbury coat

Long time no post.  A combination of yet another round of Norovirus (thank you small boy child for bringing that home from school), horrible outfits and sheer lack of time.  I am fed up of winter, fed up of boots and jeans and sweaters and tights.  I want to wear pretty summer things, and now please!


This weekend I went to Chicago and picked up my exchanged Boden Canonbury coat and it was also a no-no.  Instead of humming the big top circus tune as he did last time, for this 2 sizes down version he started to hum the Dr Who theme.  I forgot my camera, excuse the poor phone snaps, they certainly don’t show just how bad the coat looked.  It looked like a very misshapen jacket that was oddly too tight in the back and short in the sleeve, despite being tent-like everywhere else.  The single button sat so awkwardly on my bust and looked particularly bad fastened up.  I liked the iris stripe as much as the grey stripe that I sent back last time.  A real disappointment though overall, so back it went for a refund.

Also waiting for me was the Pique mini in navy spot.  It’s a lovely textured cotton, puffs out a lot more at the waistband than I would have liked but for a good sale price I think I’ll keep it.  I just need this snow to melt first!


2 thoughts on “No more germs, no more Canonbury coat

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well but glad to see you back! Shame about the coat, the colours looked great. The skirt is very cool, but I am LOVING the shoes in the picture!!

    • Thanks! It was an improvement 2 sizes down but still not right. I am getting better at sending stuff back instead of having a closetful of so-so things that I won’t wear… Hadn’t noticed the shoes, they are nice, I like the heel, unusual to see a heel like that on sandals. I need to figure out what size I am (why do they do the Euro size and not the British size anyway?!) and maybe I will try their shoes one day.

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