Stitch Detail Jumper


I don’t remember if I was in a “buy bright colours” phase when I bought this, or whether there was only this colour left in my size… but it certainly is an unusual colour for me.  I have a cushion in the exact same shade and texture which makes this sweater feel a bit frumpy – the cushion has since made its way down to the basement, never the twain shall meet!  It’s very comfortable and warm in a casual slouchy kind of way, but it does look a bit unironed in this photo and I don’t like how the pockets sag, perhaps I’ll stitch them closed.  I am trying a bit of jewellery today.  Hardly earth shattering but I haven’t worn any since my younger one was born.  I will not be heartbroken if she yanks this and breaks it.

I am still waiting for my exchanged size and colour on the Canonbury coat from Boden, and was hopeful when I saw this on their “staff style” blog – doesn’t it look great on Chloe?  I do wonder if it’s seriously pinned though.  This “behind the seams” photo makes it look bigger for sure.  Time will tell.  I think mine is on the slow train from Pittston…

Sweater:  Boden Stitch Detail jumper (clearance)

Jeans:  Reitmans comfort fit

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, old

Necklace:  Target, old


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