I don’t do Valentines, we’ve never done it.  This year I got an unexpected eGift card and a big hint about the kind of tea kettle I should buy with it… you can see why I don’t usually bother!  My boy was very excited though, any opportunity for candy is great as far as he’s concerned.  So for him I wore this Old Navy Heart dress.  Far too cold to wear in this weather, not sure I got the layering right but I do love this shirt – it’s from Converse at Target a few years ago and has side panels and sleeve panels of ribbed t-shirt fabric which make it soft and stretchy.  I have trouble with pulling on shirts, even ones that I think fit well will be pulling by the end of the day but this placket stays put.  I wish I had bought more in different colours.

This Old Navy dress is a size down from my usual but still gigantic in the bust which never happens on me.  I think it could have done with a bigger belt than this but I don’t have any.

And now to stay away from the candy my son brought home…  Happy Valentines!

Dress: Old Navy crepe dress

Belt:  Boden skinny belt (on clearance)

Shirt:  Converse at Target, old

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, old


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