Cold and holey

ImageNot the wisest thing to wear in this cold house today but I was completely lacking inspiration and time this morning and reached for this.  I wanted to wear a purple dress but couldn’t find a decent layering top for underneath.  Perhaps tomorrow.  If I ever manage to sort the laundry…

Jeans:  Levi 512 straight

Boots:  Clarks (old)

Sweater:  Joe Fresh

Vest:  H&M


Edit:  In an attempt to brighten a dull outfit I went out wearing this Boden funnel neck jacket.  I have tried and tried with this jacket but I don’t think it’s meant to be.  It’s too short, I’m not comfortable with cropped, and the colour is too much.  I do get random strangers complimenting me on it but I really wonder if their words aren’t just code for “Where are my sunglasses, yikes!”.  It is a lovely boiled wool, but the collar irritates me – it doesn’t stand up properly as it’s completely floppy, and yet it somehow manages to pokes me sharply in the neck at the same time.  If I button it up, the placket looks wonky.  I want to love it but can’t.  What do you think – yay or nay?


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