Boden Customer Service

I love Boden, that’s no secret.  I’ve always loved Boden.  I loved browsing their catalogues and picking out wish lists, but I didn’t really shop with them when I was in the UK – too expensive and too ubiquitous.  I find the US $ prices more reasonable, there are always great offers and promotion codes around and of course we have more $ to spend since crossing the Pond, our base costs like housing etc being so much lower here.  I don’t know why they won’t service Canada from their US operation, Canadian customers have to order from the UK and pay postage, and more importantly CBSA duty, HST/GST etc which makes it prohibitively expensive.  But since I’ve had a US postal address this last year I have to say I’ve gone completely Boden-mad.

They sucker me with their beautiful photography.  I say sucker, I reckon you get what you pay for – their quality is a cut above and  you can return anything for 365 days.  I love having things that no-one else around here has, and I always get compliments on the more unusual pieces and on my kids’ Mini Boden.  I haven’t tested their customer service much – one pair of cable tights for my daughter developed a few holes, one I darned before realizing it was the tights and not her.  I contacted Boden and they sent out a replacement without even asking.  I thought that was great.

I contacted them via email this weekend to ask if they had a scrap of wool to mend my pink sweater – I think it got a couple of holes in the washing machine, didn’t have them when it went in for sure.  The sweater is circa 2009 so I wasn’t hopeful.  Unsurprisingly they didn’t have any, nor did they have any old stock to send me a replacement as the rep’s email said she would have liked to have done.  But would I accept $15 account credit instead since they were sorry they had dissappointed me in their quality?  (They hadn’t, I told them it was likely my machine!).  Wow.  I know it’s not much but how utterly lovely that a company stands behind their products like that.

Boden, I’m yours forever!


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