Stitch detail dress


I haven’t worn this dress much since buying it, it’s just too shapeless.  I am so worried about getting dresses to fit my top half that I end up with sack-like bottom halves.  It’s not exactly Spring, I was only able to leave the house with this jacket and boots because I wasn’t getting out the car. The kids are off school today for a teacher-training day, so they could do my errands since they have proper snowboots and gloves etc!

In other news my lovely pink sweater has come out the wash with 2 massive tear holes in it, I could cry!  One I can mend as it’s on the side seam but the other is smack-bang in the middle of the front.  How did it happen?  There were no holes when it went in the machine, and nothing sharp in the machine to snag it.  Gutted.  I have asked Boden if they might have a scrap of wool lying around to fix it but that’s unlikely as they probably keep a tidy house and clear things out every now and then, unlike me!  Funnily enough this also happened to another Boden merino henley I owned, even older than the pink one.  I didn’t notice any holes and then 9 or so appeared along the seam.  Perhaps it’s not my machine, maybe just old merino, does it do that?  I’ve not had a problem with anything else.

Dress:  Boden stitch detail dress, fig cord (clearance)

Jacket:  Banana Republic (old)

Boots:  Clarks Women’s Orinocco Skip Boot


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