Supermarket find

ImageI don’t usually shop for groceries in Canada, it’s far too expensive so we buy almost everything across the border in the US at Meijer. But this week we missed our weekly shop due to travelling, so I had to suck it up and pay Canadian prices.  It’s not only bad for the bank account food-wise, but my local Canadian supermarket has such cute clothes that I am always tempted to look.  And buy.  And buy more!  This never happens in Meijer – love you Meijer but your clothes are awful…

Yesterday I picked up this stripy tunic at Zehrs for $29 (also came in blue shades) and a pair of pale pink brushed cotton jeans for $19.

Tunic:  Joe Fresh at Loblaws/Zehrs/Superstore

Boots: Target

Scarf:  Eddie Bauer (old)


3 thoughts on “Supermarket find

  1. Cute! I love the bright green colour. Very spring-ish. I find it very difficult to stay focused on my grocery list when there is a whole section of reasonably priced, fashionable clothing calling my name!

  2. Indeed! The JoeFresh stuff looks lovely, great colours, and great kids stuff too. I don’t find it washes so well for me, I have a drawerful of t-shirts that have shrunk to be wider than they are longer despite following the care instructions to the letter! But I have high hopes for this tunic, it’s thicker and hopefully will stay so 🙂

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