Snow and cold



Back to the ice box, back to more regular outfit posts…

Today I’ve dug out the Boden British kilt mini tweed skirt, I had forgotten I had this and haven’t worn it very often.  I think it might be a touch short for me (and I have short legs!) but I’ll chance it today as everything else is in the wash.  It reminds me of schooldays, I went to a few schools in Scotland where we were required to wear an itchy and scratchy kilt.  Thankfully this is neither, nicely lined and faux wrap with buckles and a concealed side-zip.  I love the cute union jack label but why is it made in Romania?!

The sweater is old Boden but new to me via eBay.  It’s interesting to see sizes – I have an almost identical turquoise Boden sweater from ~2007 that is a UK20 and fits me fine.  This old but newer one is a UK16 and seems to have the same dimensions.  I buy UK14 from the current Boden range.  A touch of vanity sizing going on there in recent years I think…

Talking of Boden, the Canonbury coat I had been lusting after arrived.  It was such a disappointment that I didn’t even take photos.  I put it on to show my husband and he started to hum the “circus big top, roll up” music and asked me when my clown shoes were arriving.  Ugh!!  It was so big, despite sizing down after reading it was “relaxed fit” in the description, and so utterly shapeless and bleurgh.  I have sent it back for a brighter colour and another size down but I’m not holding out much hope.

Sweater:  Boden henley, old

Skirt:  Boden British tweed kilt (now on clearance)

Shirt:  Converse at Target, old

Boots:  Eddie Bauer, old


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