Ugg love or ugg-ly?


I bought these Ugg Kensington boots from eBay, seller had only worn them a few times, they were in very good condition and a great price.  I haven’t had Uggs before, I thought they were cool when they came out, then a bit chavvy, but I loved the idea of the warmth and flat sole for our winters so managed to track down an older style that I think wasn’t too Ugg-ly!

It is bitterly cold here and only going to get worse.  We were awake all night with sump pump issues, so I am tired and cold but feeling warm in this cashmere scarf and Ugg boots.  Looking forward to a bit of sun more than ever now.

Jeans:  Levis 512 straight

Cardigan:  Reitmans (old)

T-shirt:  Reitmans

Boots:  Women’s UGG Australia Kensington

Scarf:  Banana Republic (old)


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