Stripy tunic


I love this Boden tunic, it fits me well.  In my continued “this is Spring” delusion I went for a very bright scarf, not sure it wasn’t too much so I swapped for a more muted Madewell “Storyteller” scarf.  This scarf is absolutely beautiful, so soft, but it’s my first ever square scarf and I’m not sure how to wear it – I do feel like a bit of a cowboy when it’s in this style!

My boots are from a Clark’s outlet in Indiana this Autumn, $101 if I remember rightly.  These are the first ever tall boots I have managed to walk into a store, try on and then buy – usually I have to go online and get the extended size.  I don’t know if these were just generous or if the weight I lost last year has meant smaller calves?!   Googling “calf weight loss” just now to see if that’s even possible, I read that people are having cosmetic surgery to get smaller calves, yikes.  I will just put up with the inconvenience I think!

Tunic:  Boden (old)

Boots:  Clark’s

Scarf:  Madewell Storyteller NY , pink scarf Banana Republic (old)


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