Burgundy jeans

burgundy jeans DSC_6690

I tried and failed at coloured jeans at the end of summer, red cropped Gap ones just made me look ridiculous.  I thought I’d give the trend another go after seeing so many fabulous burgundy ones on others.  These are not my perfect coloured jeans, I think they wrinkle too much but that seems to be a problem in general with skinny jeans for me.  I tried tucking my blouse in with a skinny belt and it looked a lot smarter but my post-festive season self did not feel comfortable.  Damn you shortbread and brandy butter!!

Despite it being January, we’re in for a warm-up and the snow is melting nicely, so I dug out a denim jacket (little too big but can’t bear to throw it out) and put the parka away.  Hurray!

Jeans:  Target

Booties: Target

Cardigan:  Reitmans (old)

Blouse:  Ricki’s (old)

Denim jacket:  Eddie Bauer (old)


6 thoughts on “Burgundy jeans

    • Thank you! I usually go for taller boots too but these jeans are horrors for bagging and wrinkling and pulling up… I am almost tempted to put some elastic on them for under my feet, haha, like I had on trousers when I was a toddler 😉

      • Yes! I had the exact same thought. Stirrup pants, if I remember correctly. I wondered about just safety pinning some elastic to form a stirrup, but then wondered about it popping open, and jabbing me in the ankle!

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