Canonbury coat

I absolutely definitely wasn’t going to buy anything else from Boden until it was warm here. That was until I saw this beautiful Canonbury coat at BodenUSA on 20% off. I liked it in the previews but forgot about it and missed the discount deadline. I hope it is as nice as it looks to be, review to follow when it arrives. I ought not to buy so many coats and jackets here – it’s either frigid and you need an arctic-rated parka, or it’s 90 degrees every day and you don’t even reach for a cardigan in the evenings. But I love coats and jackets so! My favourite ever coat is an old Boden spotty one circa 2007, sadly it no longer fits and I will be eBaying it soon, but I am hoping to swap my Boden spot love for Boden stripe love with this one.

Canonbury coat

Boden Canonbury coat


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